Please feel free to email any additional questions you may have.

Q: What does a typical consultation involve?
A: I will read your material thoroughly, in preparation to discuss the following elements: Is your concept fresh? Is your story character-driven over plot-driven? Are your characters 3 dimensional? Is your structure effectively paced, or lagging? Is your dialogue organic and revealing character as much as plot? Is your project bound by a universal theme? Together we will discuss the strengths and any weaknesses in this version of your work. I will often see several opportunities for improvement and will give you clear directions on how to rewire elements resulting from my verbal notes… We can meet on the phone or in person… You will take written or typed notes as we go… Together we will take your project to the next level…

Q: Do you provide written notes?
A: A verbal consultation allows writers to ask questions, work on specific scenes together and brainstorm solutions on the spot. In my experience written notes can come off as brash and inconsiderate and are counterintuitive to the collaborative nature of my purpose. New opportunities are discovered when the discussion flows both ways…

Q: Do you use script readers?
A: I read every script and meet with you personally, either on the phone, Skype or in-person.

Q: How long are the script consultations?

A: Up to 90 minutes.

Q: What’s your turnaround for a script consultation?
A: 2 weeks, once I have received your script. I do provide a rush turnaround as noted on the Services page. Since I do this work outside of normal hours there is an additional fee of $100.00.

Q: If you make specific suggestions, do you expect a credit or fee as a writer or a producer?
A: Absolutely not. My job is to help make your script better and help you get the most out of your craft. Your scripts are your own. Your work may prompt new ideas and suggestions from me, but I claim no rights to them.

Q: Can you get me a producer or agent?
A: In 25 years in this industry I can say this with confidence: The cream rises to the top… Do the work, get prepared and the rest will come… If I happen to think your project might be perfect for a certain industry contact, we will have that conversation at my discretion… I am here to prepare and empower you first and foremost.

Q: I don’t have time to do the work. Can you just rewrite it for me or find someone who can?
A: I will always do my best to convince you to write or rewrite your script yourself. It is really up to you articulate your vision. However, if you’re truly stuck and feel you’ve done everything you can, I am an experienced ghost rewriter…  (Please note:  the fee for this kind of work is not listed on this website and is negotiable depending on the needs of the project).

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?
A: Contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible with my availability.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We can arrange payment via check, credit card or paypal.

Q: There are so many consultants to choose from, why should I pick you?
A: I have professionally worn many hats in the entertainment industry. I know what actors are looking for, and I know what directors, creative executives and producers are looking for…  And I know how sensitive the gatekeepers (development/talent agent assistants/paid readers) are to amateurish work… At this stage in my career, I consider myself an expert in identifying the most effective ways to appeal to all, while never abandoning your personal vision for your project. My opinion will not be the be-all-end-all, but it will be informed and it is always my goal to inspire you to discover the very best version of your idea. Writers are my favorite people… It takes courage to hand over your work, it takes discipline to get there and I have the utmost respect for this craft.

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