Charlotte Chatton won a grant and scholarship to attend The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, where she excelled in the drama department. Upon graduation, she landed the coveted leading role in Working Title Films’ critically acclaimed feature “Dakota Road,” which opened the London Film Festival and recently aired on The Sundance Channel. “The Evening Standard” recognized her work as “a performance of tremendous promise” and this, along with appearances in award-winning series such as “Inspector Morse” and “The Chief,” led to representation with ICM in Hollywood.

Directors such as James Cameron, Danny Boyle & James Keach singled out Charlotte, and consequently she has starred opposite Martin Short, Jan Hooks, Phil Hartman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Clifton Collins Jr., Joan Fontaine, Leo McKern, Katherine Heigl and Jane Seymour, to list a few. Her employers have included: Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Miramax, Working Title Films, Channel Four Films, CBS, NBC and The Family Channel.

Charlotte’s firsthand experience in Film and TV accelerated her studies in a 2-year program at Writers Boot Camp to such an extent that she was offered a teaching position on the Los Angeles campus, and as an online instructor. Four years of working with writers on a daily basis helped Charlotte hone her ability to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and prescribe workable solutions for the projects she oversaw and this encouraged her to provide her own personal brand of writing support by way of The Next Level Script.

The Next Level Script – Professional Screenwriting Services provides established and new writers with solid support on existing or new projects. This service specializes in coaching writers through to completion of screenplays while developing their craft and targeting what it takes to attract A-List actors to a role.

Charlotte’s mission is to identify and nurture emerging writing talent and to provide a unique yet necessary conduit between writers, producers and performers.


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