Put simply, The Next Level Script gets you to deliver the very best version of your screenplay. This is where you need to be if you strive to transform that Final Draft file or story idea sitting on your hard drive into a viable project – one that demands to be produced, seen, heard, and loved by a global audience.

Founder Charlotte Chatton has worked with Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning filmmakers and actors for over two decades. She knows what works when it comes to telling a compelling story to today’s demanding audiences.

Charlotte also knows what the most bankable actors look for in a script. And if they believe your film could take them to the next level, their interest raises the profile of your project, financing becomes much easier, and your creation finds itself that much closer to a big-screen premiere.

Do you need help developing an idea into a story, a story into a screenplay, a screenplay into a production? Do you just want feedback or are you in need of full-scale point A-to-point B coaching?

If so, contact The Next Level Script and let’s get started.

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